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Animaleague Baseball

The battle of the ball playing beasts.

That little line up there was initially scribbled inside a sketchbook along with many other ideas for the first children's book Jeremy would try to write. It was the idea that resonated at the time and is what eventually became the concept for Bearded. That idea is now a series of three books (#3 coming soon) that has been read thousands of readers across the globe. It's safe to say that the weird bear with a beard has taken us on quite an adventure.

You'll have to wait until the Summer of 2023 to find out what's next for the little girl and her bearded bear in Bearded Tree. And, no we can't promise there isn't a mustache joke in there.

Kind words
"There arrrrrrren't too many books like this one. Treasure it!" - Blackbeard the Pirate
"That some achieve beard greatness is proof to all that others can achieve it as well. This book will help" - Abraham Lincoln
"If I ever needed to actually buy someone a gift, it would be totally be this book, sure." - Santa Claus
Kind words
"So good it's never finished... only abandoned." - Leonardo da Vinci
"Beard up, my child, and buy this book." - Zeus
"This book is like flying reindeer poop. Pure magic" - Santa Claus
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Bearded Tree

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