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We had just launched our website and wanted to start getting the word out while also showcasing some of the illustration work that we can do. We thought it would be fun, and a good representation of us, to show some of our favorite things in a bright, colorful, and kinda weird way. The thought was that they'd, at the very least, be eye-catching graphics for social media.

An example of the Caffeinated Beverages Instagram post
Instagram Post
An example of the Caffeinated Beverages Twitter header graphic
Twitter Header Image

Secret Messages

We dropped a few clues to internal projects in the illustration. If you're lucky and ask nicely, we might even tell you what they are.

Self-promotion illustration for Caffeinated Beverages
Detailed view of illustration

In Summary

This was a lot of fun to make and we think it's a good representation of who we are. We even decided to turn some of our favorite illustrations into a sticker sheet because everybody needs a "jar of pickles" sticker.

Client: Us (Caffeinated Beverages)
Project: Illustration

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